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We are always thrilled to hear how much we are loved! Here are some customer testimonials that have made us blush!

“Love Unleashed is the best!! I love them but more importantly my dogs can’t wait to go!!!! They literally can’t wait to walk through the door to play. The staff knows all three of my fur legged babies. They know their personalities and who they played with that day. I love the report card I get!! They play with my babies and share pictures on Facebook.  They have lots of toys and even a castle to play in. I know they care about my boys. I have even left them overnight to board. I have not left my dogs overnight unless it was with a family member. My dogs have participated in painting, themed days, special treats of the day. They have gone above and beyond to make sure my older dog had lots of playtime but time to rest on a cot with a blanket since he has a bad knee. It amazes me how attentive they are to the needs of the dogs at Love Unleashed. My boys love them.and I them. I feel like Love Unleashed is an extended family”.- Christine, mom to Bo, Buddy and Bear

“Love Unleashed has a superior staff that is dedicated to knowing my dogs & their favorite play toys and buddies. My kids love going there & they are ALWAYS welcomed by name. (That’s more important to me than their remembering MY name!) I went there right after they opened to inquire (ie: investigate) the facility. I am in the dog “business” I am VERY particular where my dogs go. THEY ROCKED! I ask about 20 questions when I go to a facility I am unfamiliar with. Not only did they answer ALL my questions. They even answered some of them before I asked them! They had their applications out front & went over them carefully. They asked specific questions about my dogs. (Size, temperament, play style, background. Mine are both rescued. Background information is so important & not something everyone asks about.) They showed me the facility and explained how they do dog introductions. This is one of the most important steps in the dog daycare process! This was VERY important to me! They take such good care of my kids. They post pictures on Facebook. I get to share them with my friends! Though it can be a little hard to find it is SOOOOOO WORTH going there!” ——–Becky, mom of Rusty and Angel

I love Love Unleashed and my dogs love it even more. They get so excited when they get in the car and realize where we are headed! They don’t want to come home at the end of the day. The staff really gets to know the personality of each dog and works with them accordingly. They also play and interact with the dogs all day. They don’t just put them in a pen with a bunch of other dogs–they play ball, throw them toys, engage them in fun activities and give them lots of love and affection.

Love Unleashed is very neat and tidy–obviously very important. They are very clever about planning different theme weeks and offer home-made treats. I also love the “camper of the week” program and the  “tuckered pup contest.” While some of these features may be more appealing to the humans, it is evident that the dogs enjoy all the attention and themes  in their own way.  (e.g. the Luau party complete with pools and games–entertaining for the humans–lots of fun for the dogs!)

Even though I work out of my house,  and am home much of the day, I see how much my dogs are benefiting from playing with a “larger pack. Love Unleashed has a wonderful family-friendly atmosphere  and I have recommended them to all of my friends with dogs!” – Anne, mom to Chief and Mr. Blue

“Love unleashed is absolutely amazing! My pups now jump at the words “You wanna go to daycare?”. Love Unleashed has a wonderful staff who goes above and beyond to ensure my dogs are getting the special attention they deserve! They put pictures up on Facebook of your dog while they are at daycare so you can see how they are doing while your at work! They also host and are involved with multiple events which they always invite us to!

They are so personable, and always greet my pups and I by name. I have 110% trust that when I drop my dogs off for the day that they will not only be cared for, but will also have the times of their lives. I highly recommend this doggie daycare to anyone!”- Mollie, mom to Hershey and Maisy


“Just picked up our two doggies Gizmo and Abby from an extended stay with Love Unleashed and couldn’t be happier with their care and especially how we could keep up on Facebook during our absence and see how happy they both were. KUDOS to LU and hope everyone watching/reading will spread the world about LU. They are GREAT! So glad we found them!”——-Janet, mom of Abby and Gizmo

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