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Sweet Dreams at Love Unleashed


When you need to be away overnight, for the weekend, for a week, or even longer, let us take care of your dog with 24 hour supervision.  While most boarding facilities only have security cameras for overnight monitoring, Love Unleashed has a staff member there overnight. Yep, we are staffed 24 hours so the dogs are never alone, day or night. We want to be right there in case your pup needs us.

After a full day of daycare, dinner and free time in the play area, we put your dog to bed in an individual kennel, with any comfort of home that you want to send. Our night supervisor will be there all night incase anyone has any bad dreams.

In the morning, your dog has breakfast with our staff and some individual playtime before the other daycare dogs arrive.

We serve breakfast and dinner (as well as any meds) included in the cost of any overnight stay. We ask that you provide your dogs regular food to avoid any upset stomachs. We are here to make sure your dog is healthy and happy!

All of the dogs regardless of daycare or boarding receive a crated break from 11am-1pm.  This helps all of the dogs decompress a little from playing.  This is also the time that they receive lunch.  During this time we also deep clean all of the yards so we are sure we are providing the safest and cleanest facility possible.  We recommend that if you are doing a half day of daycare that you drop off before or after this time.  


Overnight Boarding-  $49 per night

Additional Dog- $39 per night

Boarding with Unlimited Daycare Package- $39 per night

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