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At Love Unleashed we offer a full service salon with experienced groomers to give your pet the spa day they deserve 7 days a week.

We offer basic baths which includes our very berry gentle shampoo, anal expression, blow dry, 10 minute brush out, nail trim, and ear cleaning/plucking. (Prices vary based on breed, size, and temperament)

Special shampoos and conditioners for an additional $3 : Colloidal Oatmeal, Medicated Neem, Hypo, Skunk, Whitening and brightening, Flea and Tick, Re-moisturizer plum silky, and Re-moisturizing conditioner

Teeth brushing with enzymatic tooth paste and breath spray is available for $4 add on to packages and $8 standalone service

Nail trims/grinds available for $10 AND $7 Add on to bath packages

Pedi-Paws for $15, includes shaved paw pads, trimmed feet, nail trim/grind

Pretty-Paws for $20, includes same as Pedi-Paws but also a coat of nail polish, owners choice of color.

Maintenance brushing starts at $5 for every 10 minutes asked for

Anal expression is $3 without a bath

Color accents with hair color spray paint: $4-$10


Shed-x treatment available upon request for an additional $12 added on to basic bath price, and $15 added on to all haircuts. Treatment includes special shampoo and conditioner designed for dogs that shed and starts lifting the excess hair in the bath. Also includes the base 10 minutes of brushing and up to 35 minutes more to get rid of all possible hair. This treatment will never stop dogs from shedding but will decrease it up to 80%. It should be repeated every 4-8 weeks or at least in peak shedding seasons for maintenance. Also, as a bonus nail grinding is available for only $5 more.

LU also offers full grooming from touch ups to outlines to all over cuts. (Prices vary based on breed, size, and temperament) Nail trim and grind are included as well as ear cleaning, the basic bath, anal expression, blow dry, brush out, and trim.


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